Summer camp 2018

Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido

Summer camp 2018

Welcome to this year's summer camp!

The camp is held at Rosendalshallen in Uppsala:


USIF - Upsala Studenters IF

Torgny Segerstedts allè

Vårdsätravägen 2

756 44 Uppsala, Sverige


Where to stay during the camp


A good place to look for hotels, bed & breakfast etc, is


It will be possible to stay in Budohuset. If you want to stay there, please e-mail Cecilia Lund!

House rules for staying in Budohuset

  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Make sure that the front door and the glass doors by the men’s dressing room are locked if you are the last to leave.
  • Don’t disturb the practise in the dojo. The practice usually starts at 17.30 or 18.00 and ends at 21.00 or 22.00.
  • You can only leave your things in the “Gillestuga” dojo, the dojo next to the kitchen, during the days. You can sleep in other rooms but then you have to move your things in the morning.
  • Feel free to use the kitchen, but clean up afterwards.
  • Extra cleaning material (brooms, garbage bags etc) are in the cleaning room.
  • You can use the sauna but make sure it’s turned off after you are finished. Always use a towel to sit on in the sauna.

Preliminary schedule

Dinners etc.

Sunday, June 24:

Picnic - more details to follow.

Monday, June 25:

At the Agback's residence. Maximum 10 people, including the hosts.

Tuesday, June 26:

Restaurant Hamnpaviljongen. Maximum 12 people.



Hamnplan 5

753 19  Uppsala

Phone: 018-69 66 53

Wednesday, June 27:

Restaurant Tzatziki. Maximum 12 people.



Fyristorg 4

753 10  Uppsala

Phone: 018-15 03 33

Thursday, June 28:

Special dinner at Krusenbergs Herrgård. This has to be prebooked at latest Wednesday June 20, by e-mailing to Please indicate any special needs/allergies etc. About 30 people can join this dinner.

We meet up at the herrgård at 16:30 to play Kubb and Boule (weather permitting). Dinner is served at 17:30, and the price for the dinner is SEK 300:- excluding drink.

Krusenberg Herrgård is situated about 20 minutes by car south of Uppsala. If you don't have access to a car, you can take bus 101 from Uppsala or Knvista. More information on how to get there (in Swedish) here:

Friday, June 29:

Restaurant Naan & Chili. Maximum 12 people.


Naan & Chili

Vaksalagatan 37

753 31  Uppsala

Phone: 018-15 01 20

Saturday, June 30:

Restaurant Basilico. Maximum 12 people.



Svartbäcksgatan 24

753 32  Uppsala

Phone: 018-12 50 10

Sunday, July 1:

Sayonara party at Budohuset!

The menu is not set yet, but prices will possibly be below SEK 200:-, with drink being brought by each and everyone for themselves.



Svartbäcksgatan 86

753 32  Uppsala

Camp fees

Up to and including 1 kyu SEK 2 100:-

1 dan                                SEK 2 600:-

2 dan and up                    SEK 3 000:-



Svartbäcksgatan 86


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